Brand Experience

A brand experience that creates superiority

We are particular about the customer experience centered on core values. While collaborating activities within the organization in a cross-departmental manner and streamlining operation with the idea of service design, we will team up with a specialist in each field to come up with a highly creative development plan to connect with users’ “Willing-to-pay” brand experience. 

Specialist Team

A team of experts to make a difference

We focus on providing a consistent customer experience based on core value, seamlessly connecting the online and offline experiences of the brand. To realize external branding across fields and departments, we propose the creation of a cross-functional project team within the client’s organization. Based on the brand strategy, we invite specialists, including creators who are most suitable for providing solutions and build custom-made teams to realize a brand experience that creates an advantage in the market. 

Service Design

Service design to optimize experience and operation

There are always systems and operations behind the touchpoint of customer experience. The key to realizing a brand experience is to increase the synergies of the activities of each department that supports the customer experience, reduce unnecessary costs, and build an operational system. Through a service design approach, we strategically link customer experiences and organizational operations, bridging the strengths held by the organization and the needs of the customers, thus creating a continuous operational system to create an innovative customer experience. 

Story-telling Experience

One of A-KIND brand experience with a story

Advances in technology have led customers to not only be consumers but also evolve into a sophisticated presence that leverages, disseminates, and forms a community. In such an era, factors that customers preferentially choose are based on stories that are spun from the accumulation of brand experiences, and the margins that allow customers to personalize their brands and the significance of sympathizing with the brand are essential. As if we were directors of a movie, we design brand experiences in a comprehensive, multi-layered, multi-faceted manner, develop creatives that deliver unique value, and an asset for differentiation strategies. 

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