Brand Culture

Employee experience is perennial to foster culture.


For brands to gain market advantage, it is crucial to regard “people” as brand assets and position them as the top priority of management strategy. Centered on brand strategy, we provide a “Brand Culture Development Program” that supports the creation of a system that fosters an organizational culture that enhances employee and partner engagement. As with customers, we respect the individuality of each employee and optimize the “Employee Experience” with an approach based on brand core values. We strive to foster a brand that is born from empathy, not rules.

Behavior Shift

Actions resonating with the brand

The foundation of brand culture is “Brand Promise.” We attach great importance to linking this promise to personnel evaluation as a necessary condition to create the brand’s core value. By penetrating the promise within the organization and spreading sympathy for the brand, we believe that the work attitude and behavior of the employees will change, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Since the development of fans is expected, it is considered a differentiation strategy with the highest return on investment.

Community Building

Developing Brand Communities

Using a creative approach, we will evolve events, training, and communication within the organization. It is essential to understand the diversity of employees and foster a community where people naturally gather and create conversations. For employees to empathize with the brand and realize the significance of their work, we promote organizational and awareness reform by comprehensively working on the optimal work style, office environment, and management system. 

Brand Engagement

Brand engagement evaluation

An influential organizational culture means that a particular standard of judgment is shared from management to the workplace, and can judge what needs to be done to advance a differentiation strategy. By conducting a brand engagement survey on an ongoing basis, the status of employee understanding, sympathy and action can be grasped and then be analyzed to understand the difference in awareness, such as between departments, generations, and years. The internal branding measures will also be examined for effectiveness and be revised for the next fiscal year.

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