Brand Management

Creating a distinct value and polishing brand assets from inside and out. 

The core of our service is “Brand Management.” Capturing the brand from the inside (organization) and outside (market), we create a distinct value by providing Brand Strategy, Brand Creation, and Brand Coordination. 

Brand Strategy

Creating the ideal vision thru Brand Strategy

Working with the client, we will create a brand management plan that will lead to the ideal image and, thus, the success of the brand. By listening to each employee’s thoughts and ideas, understanding the common points and gaps in the company’s consciousness, we will extract the issues the brand has at hand. Then, discussing and clarifying the “Brand Propositions,” this will become the strategic foundation for building organizational culture programs and value experiences. 

Brand Creation

Shaping differentiation thru Brand Creation

From a “Sanpou-Yoshi” perspective, we will organize the significance of the brand in the context of society and strategically formulate the core value of the brand. By teaming up with creative experts, we will be able to embody the differentiation of customer and employee touchpoints and accumulate creative, strategic assets. 

Brand Coordination

Refine actions with Brand Coordination

We will help create an in-house brand operating system within the client’s organization. This system will help recognize a consistent brand image by having the in-house team manage and supervise the various touchpoints. We will also work on cross-departmental initiatives, play a role in smoothing internal communications, and steer the brand to its ideal form. 

The specific services we provide can be divided into two categories. One is “Brand Culture,” which supports the creation of a system that fosters organizational culture by enhancing engagement with employees and partners. The other is “Brand Experience,” which delivers unique experience value to customers and creates market advantages.

The daily work ethics and behavior of employees directly connected to the added value that makes customers a fan. We take each action seriously and carefully make every effort to form each to lead to results. 

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