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Launched in 2012, Peach, is leading the LCC market in Japan, aiming to be an entirely new concept airline. In 2019, integration with Vanilla Air came to fruition, and the world is paying attention to its growth as a leading LCC not only in Japan but also in Asia.


Peach Aviation


Challenges faced by Japan’s first LCC

Because of the need to build a brand system that can respond to rapid growth in 2015, a brand management collaboration system between Peach and AKIND started. This system has created an in-house brand management group (BMG).  The sole purpose of the team is to work daily for full-scale brand operations that are desired from both external and internal perspectives.


Within a fast-paced growth cycle

Peach’s growth rate can be similarly compared to that of an IT company and started by assuming standard branding techniques would not work. At the time of 2015, Peach had been trying to create a new business model with an unprecedented increase in the number of routes, had difficulties in sharing awareness with personnel that increased at an accelerated pace in anticipation of further business growth. The quality control of daily updated promotional products was also becoming overwhelming.


Close ties are the job

In anticipation of the next growth period, we worked to develop a brand policy with a focus on Asia without compromising the origins of the brand. After numerous interviews and workshops from shareholders to on-site CAs, we set out unique values ​​and brand promises together with the BMG team members. Furthermore, we introduced a cross-functional brand workshop based on the idea of ​​President Inoue that Peach’s brand assets are “people.” We aim to foster a culture where each employee is aware of the issues from the customer’s perspective by enhancing the understanding of the brand at the front line, promoting cross-departmental exchanges. Design evaluations for promotional products that continue to overflow are conducted, and VI guidelines with ingenuity to improve quality while reducing costs is formulated, taking into account the particular conditions of cost-conscious Peach. We are building a system that gradually improves the quality of creatives by conducting daily supervision of all touch-points with a wide range of customers, from web banners to airport signs, events, and products.


Evolving LCC

Brand management by AKIND realizes a brand system that fuses Peach’s ideal external and internal environment. We carry out daily brand management from a long-term perspective and support further evolution of Peach, which aims to become the leading LCC in Asia. As the “Bridge of Asia” and revitalizing Kansai, Japan, and Asia, expectations are growing to become the unique visionary brand.


UMA/design farm

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