Hilton Osaka

Customer Experience at Hotel Restaurants of “Hilton Osaka”

Hilton Osaka is located right in front of Osaka Station and has been a famous pioneer of foreign-capital hotels. With the flood of newly built hotels in both the domestic and international market, Hilton Osaka decided to rebuild its restaurant floor to target inbound tourists and local customers.


Hilton Osaka / ヒルトン大阪


Renovation of restaurants and café

This project involved the total renovation of the restaurants and café that people have loved since the hotel’s completion in 1986. AKIND was involved in all aspects except for the interior design, which included planning the concept for the stores and entire floor, as well as identity development. As the total producer, our responsibilities also include providing communication support year-round


Brand target

The board members consisted of the general manager as well as the best directors from around the world. They were struggling to include global food and beverage trends while providing services that suited their local customers in the Kansai area. Considering that their existing customers are aging, it was all the more important to renew the hotel image into one that would attract affluent young people, a group that has distanced themselves from hotels in recent years and ensure Hilton Osaka’s business stability.



Through our meetings with the board members, we came up with the concept “#DINEAROUND,” which differentiated the hotel from its competitors and established a customer experience that only Hilton Osaka could provide. In addition to the existing customers, we targeted a wide range of users and scenes from young business people to homemakers and families. To promote how convenient each restaurant is, and how they can offer memorable experiences, we provided content on social media platforms and tabloids with storylines.


Deliver values of “Hilton Osaka”

After its launch, the number of weekday customers in MYPLACE has increased and is always busy with hotel guests as well as business people. Even after the 2018 summer total renovation of the restaurant area on the second floor, we have continued to provide brand management support. Through a cross-sectional analyzation of the five restaurants, we can provide customers with an experience that only Hilton Osaka can provide.

Hilton Osaka Dining Brand Movie
Hilton Osaka Dining Teaser
Hilton Osaka Dining Teaser Centrum



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