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“We’re sure we can make it to realize more positive society, better quality of our life and fun daily work”, cherishing that feeling, AKIND was founded in Kobe.
Evolving the traditional Japanese merchant philosophy reflecting the present situation and utilizing it to society. And we have been trying to grow ourselves too.
We would like to polish brands lying under the ground of local areas and deliver their values to the world.


Tasuku Iwano
CEO | Founder

Born in Kobe, Japan. Joined CIA Inc. in 2006, after completing a Masters’ degree in Design and Branding Strategy at Brunel University, London. As art director at CIA, he was responsible for brand strategy and creative direction for a wide range of projects, including a new airline development, revitalization of a traditional brand, and development of an organic product retailer. Since co-founding AKIND Inc. in 2014, he offers branding services for overseas expansion to local governments and established brands based mainly in regional cities.

Tomohiro Morie
COO | Founder

Born in Kyoto, Japan. Joined Dentsu Tec Inc. As a producer, he mainly worked on project development for PR and sales events, showrooms and audiovisual content. Joined CIA Inc. in 2008. After building up a solid record in corporate communications implementation, apparel rebranding, development of food and beverage new store models, and comprehensive project management, co-founded AKIND Inc. in 2014. He offers joint service with overseas/domestic tarented designers and other integrated project management services.

Jimmy Matsushima

Born in California, USA. Second generation Japanese-American. Living in Japan for the first time ever starting this Spring. Fluent in English and Japanese as well as an understanding of the US culture.
Studied International Business with a concentration in Management in Undergrad, and studied Marketing in Grad school. Established, produced, and managed numerous companies from various industries. Strength in establishing new business and total management.

Eri Narasaki

Born in Kobe, Japan. Studied in the US, worked in Japan and Singapore as a graphic designer for over 10years, her focus shift to how to maximize the power of creativity in the society. After returning her home town Kobe, she coordinate the creatives at AKIND Inc.

Takahiro Suzuki

Born in Tokyo. After the work experience for the import/export company and the swedish telecommunications company, joined AKIND in autumn, 2018 with the strong skills such as marketing and analysis, programming and project management from the previous work experience and the bootcamp in Sydney, now working as a Brand cordinator.

Fuyuki Kadowaki

Born in Hyogo. Graduated with a bachelors in Religious Studies in Tokyo. Went on to study design in London. Through his working experience at a fashion apparel brand and a design agency in Tokyo, he brings his vast design knowledge to AKIND. Joined in Spring 2020, he is responsible for projects in relation to creativity and research, with the design thinking and research skills that he cultivated as a product designer.

Yoshino Akizuki

Born in Okayama, Japan. After completing the Master’s Program of Arts, Culture and Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2019, joined Akind in Summer 2020. She has a high interest in everyday individual behavior and the root cause of decision making in a sociocultural context. Valuing dialogue and the importance of emotional aspects, she is currently responsible for conducting research interviews to understand what motivates decision making and behavior.

Ilari Laitinen
Service Design Partner

From Helsinki, Finland. Ilari is passionate about driving change, building new businesses and designing meaningful experiences. He has over 10 years of experience of delivering customer value across multiple industries and business sectors in Europe, North America and Asia. He has been building bridges between Europe and Japan – helping Japanese companies to expand into new markets and to communicate better with international audiences.
Ilari has Master’s Degree in International Design Business Management (IDBM) from Aalto University. He is an alumnus of Stanford University’s ME310 Global Design Innovation course. Ilari has also studied in Kyoto Institute of Technology and University of Tokyo.

Jaakko Kalsi
Service Design Partner

Based between Helsinki, Finland and Japan, Jaakko bridges Nordic values and service design competence to Japanese cultural and market understanding. Now with over 10 years of experience in service design he turns cultural and customer insights into opportunities to create new business value.
Jaakko is an Aalto University alumnus from the department of International Design Business Management (IDBM). He has also studied in University of Tokyo and Musashino Art University.

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