Based as it was on the principle of “benefit for all three parties” (business, consumer and community), Japanese enterprise had a well-established business model that ensured a level of business continuity rarely matched elsewhere. In the mature society of our times, that kind of durable, “evolved” business based on a holistic outlook is much sought after. We believe the most important thing for the evolution of a business is a shared understanding of the desired brand ideal, and reconfirmation of its unique values.

AKIND provides three services (branding, service design and project management) that will evolve clients’ businesses. Through each project, we objectively clarify the issues facing our clients, and their businesses’ core values. We propose concrete strategies to communicate brand values to customers and, with a team encompassing each business division and external experts, we implement the business evolution.


  • Management
  • Products
  • Distribution
  • Channels
  • Operations



Business evolution



    Product planning



  • BRANDING “Value optimization process”

    AKIND values the opinions of everyone associated with the brand. We create a picture of the desired ideal brand going forward, and share the plan through workshops with client teams. We work out concrete strategies to solve issues, and offer a brand strategy for the medium and long term. The branding process not only contributes to sales growth, but becomes an organizational engine for business evolution.

  • SERVICE DESIGN “Creating the value delivery scheme”

    AKIND places importance on customer-focused unique brand values that offer a real sense of life’s richness. Based on analysis of market and lifestyle changes, we design the flow of customer experience touch points (product, store, website, etc.), and develop a scheme for communicating those unique brand values. Conveying values goes beyond a fleeting sales promotion, and contributes to cultivation of brand supporters, and a brand community, over the medium to long term.

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT “Creating a value realization team”

    AKIND builds a team of domestic and overseas specialists and creators to realize brand strategy for each project. We act as a brand management function where that might not exist in the organization, and carry out creative direction and management of every step covering products, stores, operations and communications.


  • Website Development

    Website design, coding, contents development, etc.
  • Brand Identity

    Naming, logo design, logo regulation book, etc.
  • Key visual production

  • Creative direction

  • Signage design

  • Service Development

    Service design, POP design, VMD support, etc.
  • Stationary design

  • Store Development

    Store concept, zoning, store design, original fixer design, etc.
  • Brochure Development

    Editorial, copy writing, editorial design, etc.
  • Brand Guideline

    Brand workshop, brand guideline book, brand management advisory, etc.
  • Brand Strategy

    Mission statement, branding program, brand portfolio, etc.
  • Promotion Development

    Key visual, global promotion, event promotion, etc.
  • Brand movie production

  • Brand concept development

  • Brand Management

  • Brand workshop

  • Product Development

    MD concept, product concept, packaging design, etc.
  • Uniform direction

  • Photo shooting production

  • Advertisement design

  • Instore tool design

  • Corporate events

  • Internal branding research