Communicate the tradition to the World

September, 2014 from From Japan

YADO | Authentic Japanese Resorts


YADO is a group of owners of Authentic Japanese-style inns – those who preserve, foster and promote the heritage of Japanese inns around the world. In Japanese, the word ‘yado’ refers to a traditional inn. AKIND Inc. is in charge of its global communication. Through branding approach, our objective is how to communicate the experience of staying in a great Japanese-style inn is different from that of a hotel. We hired a well-known blogger from Taiwan and let her travel around all over Japan. Through the one month journey, she stayed at thirty two inns and wrote a story-telling articles thought the interviews with owners of each inn. These articles became a strong and rich contents and she will publish a book of YADO in the near future.

Nihon Aji no Yado
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