Arts and crafts movement by mums

September, 2014 from From Miyagi

MUM’S GUILD | Craftsmum of Japan


Craft works by Japanese mums is a special figure full of thoughts for receivers and their smiling faces. They have produced their craft works such as knitting, furniture and pottery using their time in a daily life, this is a kind of custom for traditional housewives. The activities and techniques has been taken over by generations and still now alive. They are craft-makers who attach a aspect of quality of life with their works. We call them “Craftsmum”, and has developed “MUM’S GUILD” community that will help mums craftwork to be raised and delivered to global market. We has contributed to brand strategy, Identity development and website development by collaboration with New York based creative agency, High Tide. Also produced the first pottery line of MUM’S GUILD called “USHIO”.

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